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          We offer a week-long program for those who want an in-depth experience with the food and wine of northern Italy and the opportunity to visit the destinations near us. Our tour week will give you new ideas, cooking techniques, and wine pairing skills to enhance your daily appreciation of wine and food. A week with us will also give you time to visit the sights and to enjoy the lifestyle of our region. Carlo and Reka will be your daily hosts and guides.

          The week includes cooking classes designed to introduce you to a variety of new ideas, ingredients, techniques and recipes. We will consider the basics of planning a menu and organizing a successful dinner party. We will visit the outdoor food market and shop together for the finest primary ingredients. We will also visit our vineyards and wine cellar and learn how wine is made, discuss the pairing of wine with food, and enjoy an array of food and wine from our region. Included will be difficult to find wines collected by Carlo and Reka during trips around northern Italy. We can take time to visit other wineries, walk in the Alps just north of our winery, visit Milan for a day of shopping and sightseeing, spend a day at the legendary Lake Maggiore, or explore other destinations near us. We will also take time out to relax, walk around Masserano, and enjoy good conversation.

         Tour weeks are limited to six guests. We provide a suggested program which can be tailored to the interests of the group. We will collaborate with you in advance to design your week with us. All food and wine for classes, daily lunch and dinner at our winery, and all transportation from and to the airport and during the day is included in the price of the tour. There is a range of options for lodging. There are comfortable bed and breakfasts within a short walking distance of our winery. For those who want a luxury hotel experience we can recommend hotels with a variety of amenities which are a twenty to forty-five minute drive from Masserano. We can arrange transportation to and from hotels to our winery.


           Please contact Reka Ludanyi for more information and available dates for 2021.


Dinner and wine tasting at our winery dining room: Alessandro Negri and Reka discuss Alessandro’s Nebbiolo del Chiero with Maddy Jimmerson, sommelier at Cache Restaurant in Aspen, Colorado.

Clockwise from top left: Lake Maggiore from the storied resort town of Stresa; walking in the Alps behind our winery; harvest in our vineyard; vegetables at our local open market in Cossato; a day trip to Lake Orta;


Setting up to harvest the Il Cascinetto vineyard, October 2019.


 Harvest day is the culmination of a year of work, a day of friendship in the vineyard, and always memorable. 

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