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Our Wines

Our Wine Denominations & Grape Varieties

The wines of Alto Piemonte are based on the Nebbiolo grape. Nebbiolo is the greatest
indigenous grape of Italy and produces some of the world’s finest wines, including Barolo and Barbaresco from the Langhe region two hours south of us, and the classic wines of Alto Piemonte:

  • Lessona

  • Bramaterra

  • Boca

  • Gattinara

  • Ghemme

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Wines made from Nebbiolo have depth, purity and elegance and when well-made have a haunting, unforgettable perfume that can be mesmerizing. Nebbiolo is very site sensitive and only makes great wine in Piedmont and a small area in neighboring Lombardy. 
Our town of Masserano lies within two small wine appellations of Alto Piemonte: Bramaterra and Costa della Sesia. When a wine is made within the geographic boundaries of these areas in accordance with the requirements protected by law, the wine may carry these names and the designation Denominazione di Origine Contrallata (DOC), meaning “denomination of controlled origin”. The appearance of the letters DOC on the label are a guarantee of origin, identity and quality.
We have three vineyards in the town of Masserano. Our Il Cascinetto vineyard  - ***Missing INFO***??

Our Approach to Winemaking

Alto Piemonte has a wine making tradition going back centuries. During this long development the best sites for growing each grape variety were identified,  farming methods were refined, and cellar techniques for making the best wine were developed. Over the past thirty years additional experimentation in the Langhe region challenged traditional wine making methods in favor of more modern techniques. We are the beneficiaries of this accumulated tradition and experimentation in Piedmont, which teaches us that the finest wines are made with natural vineyard management, careful selection of grapes at harvest, and simple winemaking in the cellar.


We use naturally occurring yeasts already on the grapes at harvest. We ferment in stainless steel, large oak vats, and clay amphora. Our wines will age in large oak casks called botti, which slows down the aging process, imparts minimal wood to the wine, and allows the wine to achieve the full and natural expression of the vineyard site and the grape variety. The use of sulfites is kept to a minimum


Great wine is a natural product born in the vineyard. It should taste delicious, alive and energetic, and evolve in the glass as you drink it. It is our mission to make wines in this natural and simple way which allow our land and our grapes to reach their greatest expression.

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