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Alto Piemonte

Our Region

          Alto Piemonte, the “High Piedmont”, is an historic wine producing area of northern Piedmont in the foothills of the Alps between the cities of Milan and Turin. Piedmont is the only place in the world where the Nebbiolo grape reaches its greatest expression. With its hilly volcanic soils, cooling mountain breezes, and ancient wine making traditions, Alto Piemonte produces Nebbiolo wines of purity, depth and elegance. When Italy was unified in 1861 the wine used to toast the celebration was from Alto Piemonte.

          Piedmont is a place of extraordinary natural beauty, with snow-capped mountains towering to the north and the fertile Po River Valley to the south. A half hour north of Masserano there are pristine mountain meadows and trails for hiking and sightseeing. Fifteen minutes to the south are the emerald green rice fields that produce Arborio, Carnaroli and other heirloom rice. An hour west is the legendary Lake District. Lake Orta, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como are close by with their lakeside villas, subtropical gardens, blue waters, fabled resort towns and snowy peaks in the background. Two hours south of us is the Italian Riviera, with its spectacular coastline, quaint harbors, and Mediterranean climate and environs.

          Piedmont is also a region of extraordinary vitality and culture. The international design and fashion capital Milan is a little more than an hour to the east of our town of Masserano. The elegant regional capital Turin is an automotive, engineering and food center an hour to the west. Both cities have world class museums, shopping, restaurants, and night life, and are easily reached by car or train. The city of Biella, the provincial capital, is twenty-five minutes by car and is a fabric, shopping and cultural center in its own right.

          Piedmont is blessed with some of the best food and wine in Italy. Located between sea and mountains, with a wide agricultural plain at its center, France just to the West and Switzerland to the north, Piedmont is a crossroads of traditions and agricultural resources. Piedmont has always had an affluent population that could devote time and resources to developing its cuisine. The result is home cooking based on the finest primary ingredients brought to a refined expression.

          Paired with some of the finest wines in the world, Piedmont offers a memorable food and wine experience. With world class destinations within easy reach Piedmont also offers the opportunity for premier touring. The lifestyle of this land has been called La Dolce Vita, because it is.

Image by Lasseter Winery
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